How To Write A Thank You Letter

A well-written thank you letter is a powerful tool to follow up an investment banking interview.  In my IB blog, I had three articles on this topic and I'm going to include them all here.  These are very useful articles.  Be sure to read them through and follow the guidelines.

Thank You Letter - Post Investment Banking Interview Follow Up

Anything you consider important in life, you must do some follow up work in order to make your desired result happen.

Investment banking jobs require the best candidates out of the best. So you need to prove yourself even in the post interview stage. This extra step can give you a significant advantage over less-proactive candidates.

How to follow up on an investment banking interview?

Frankly, you don’t have to follow up on every interview. I would only recommend following up on these occasions:
  • An interview that you feel comfortable with
  • An interview that you’ve done well and that you have a chance of getting an offer
  • An interview that you thought you’ll be happy to join the firm if you were given an offer

Investment banking interview is well known to be stressful. Even so, employers have to treat you reasonably well and make you feel comfortable and friendly throughout the process. If they don’t care to, they won’t care to treat you well when you join the firm.

If you don’t feel happy joining the firm, why bother to follow up?

When to follow up?

Is the sooner the better? No. You are telling the employer that you are desperate. Allow a reasonable timing. If you were told that the next round of interviews is going to take place in two weeks and that nothing happens after one week, it’s time to do something. If you were told that a decision is to be made in a week’s time, do something two days after the interview, like follow up on Wednesday if you had your last interview on Monday.

Take my recent career change as an example. My prospective employer showed urgency during the initial interview. As promised, they arranged the second round of interviews the next day, so I didn’t have to follow up. After the second round of interviews, I thought I am comfortable with the people, the firm and I am happy to join the firm, but I didn’t follow up immediately.

As I said, even if you dearly want the job, don’t let the employer feel that you are desperate. Choose an appropriate timing which indicates your interest as well as allowing some time for the employer to proceed with their internal hiring procedure.

Write a thank you letter?

Nothing is more efficient than a thank you email as it reaches your reader immediately.

As a headhunter, I receive a lot of thank you notes, in which candidates express how they enjoy and appreciate the meetings, which I doubt. Don’t over express yourself. Make it a well-worded polite note to thank them for taking the time out from their busy schedules to meet and speak to you.

Though a thank you note is an important indicator that you really want the job, but investment bankers are extremely busy people, they won’t care to read long thank you letters. Remember the golden rule: short and precise. Limit to 20 seconds, just like writing your resume cover letter.

Sample of a 20-second thank you letter

Consider these when writing a thank you letter or thank you note.

  • Appreciate the time they spend on you
  • State clearly that you are interested in the job
  • Indicate briefly why you like that particular job

I had my first interview on Wednesday. Next round of interviews were on Thursday. I sent out this thank you note on Friday afternoon to Henry, the hiring manager.

Dear Henry

Thank you very much for seeing me the other day out of your busy schedule. I am delighted to learn about HH’s unique culture and work style. I have finished the follow-up meetings with Peter, Paul and Mary, and appreciated that they gave me further insights about HH. I am definitely interested in this opportunity and am happy to continue with the process. I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me on my mobile or email.

Best Regards

Anna Maria D’Souza

Tips from Bank of America

An e-mail thank you to the person who interviewed you is appropriate but not required. If you do choose to send a thank-you note, make sure to tailor the message for the person you met with. It is not appropriate to send the same e-mail to multiple interviewers.

Sampe Thank You Letter

A good thank you letter not only conveys the message of thank you. It is a powerful tool to further enhance your candidacy. In the case of an entry level investment banking candidate, it is also a way to show your maturity and how well you can deal with people relation.

Here is a sample thank you letter that impresses us all. My boss like its style, I like its sincerity and personal touch. The author even very skillfully push us on timeline in a very friendly however persuasive manner. Though it is from a experienced headhunter’s candidate, it is also a good sample for entry level candidates. Observe these important elements of a thank you letter while reading:

·  Style
·  Sincere
·  Personal


Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I enjoyed our interview and was especially pleased to learn more about how you came to choose your particular career path.

As I mentioned to Sam, ABC Company (my firm) seems like a wonderful place for congenial professionals to work. Till now, when I looked at career opportunities my thoughts would be; "is this a right move," "will this help build my resume," "will this propel me to a bigger role next time around." But during our interview, I kept getting the feeling that I would fit in well, contribute, learn a lot and be happy here. The sentiment was more of becoming a part of a family than just searching for the next big step.

I would very much like to be considered as a candidate and will be happy to provide more information to help you make your decision. I do need a favor, as mentioned I am currently being considered for a regional role in South East Asia; this will be finalizing within the next three months, and once committed it would be very hard to switch my answer. So if ABC Company could be mindful of this timeline while scheduling the selection process I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again for the time you took from your busy schedule.

Use the above as a backbone and write a thank you letter to the hiring manager of one of your recent investment banking interviews.

A GREAT Job Interview Follow-up Letter Secret 

I received this article from Jimmy Sweeny. He is not an investment banking guru, but he is a generalist career guru, one of my most respected figures in the field. This article is very innovative and I’m sure you will benefit from it. Enjoy reading.

A GREAT Job Interview Follow-up Letter Secret

You've just finished the interview you hoped to get and it went pretty well as far as you can tell. Now you must play the 'waiting game,' as the hiring manager makes his or her decision about offering you the job. However, you can be active even as you wait. Here's a secret most people don't know about—so keep it to yourself, okay?

A Gift That Continues to Give

Give the interviewer a 'gift.' No! Not a Starbucks card or a movie pass. In fact, if you're not careful such a gift might be considered a bribe, so of course you want to avoid that. However, you can give something of value that will be seen as a kind gesture from a person who has taken note of the employer's interests and hobbies.

You can pass on a 'gift of information'—an article from a magazine or newspaper, a reference to a certain web site, or a brochure or pamphlet––that focuses on something the hiring manager would welcome, use, and enjoy.

Thank You PLUS

For example, suppose you and the interviewer talked about your mutual interest in golf or dog training or skiing or chess. How nice it would be to include some printed information on one of these topics that reminds the hiring manager of your conversation and your thoughtfulness. This gift along with a short but friendly note of thanks for the interview would surely put your name and face in a prominent place in the interviewer's mind.

Employer Benefits

Even if you don't get the job, you've taken a good and kind step toward another person. That will pay off in one way or the other.

1. It shows enthusiasm for the open position.
2. It displays your diligence and commitment.
3. It demonstrates that you paid attention to the interviewer and his or her interests.
4. It illustrates that you are a thoughtful and generous person with your time and energy.

And finally, such gifts sent periodically, help you keep in touch with your interviewer until the job is filled

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