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If you’ve been trying to apply for an investment banking job without luck, it’s time to get a second pair of eyes to review your resume. There are many resume writing services around, but what you really need is someone from the i-banking world, and here are the top two Resume writing services that you should look at:

Why Hiring an I-Banker to Write Your Resume

About has a team of former bankers ready to provide resume writing services at market rates. is founded by two former Wall Street investment bankers, John Zurbach and Grant Hosking. John and Grant read literally hundreds of prospective IB analyst and associate resumes during their banking tenure and have intimate knowledge of the hiring process. "A bulge bracket analyst or associate position has always been very competitive. In today's difficult employment environment, the competition is extreme. Forget typos, bankers are looking for any reason to disqualify prospective hires." says John. Perhaps your resume needs a second look?

The writing staff knows the exact dos and don’ts that will improve your interview odds. has helped candidates secure interviews and receive offers at firms such as Barclays, Goldman Sachs, KBW, Lazard, Morgan Stanley, and Stifel Nicolaus. They offer a money back guarantee and work with you one-on-one until you are completely satisfied – so there’s virtually no risk.

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New York based was founded by a team of former industry veterans who can tell you exactly what is needed to stand out on an investment banking resume, hedge fund resume or private equity resume.

You’ll be working one-on-one with real life Wall Street expert analyst until you are 100% satisfied. The ultimate goal is to get your resume in perfect shape to get you the interviews you’re working so hard to get.

To help you land your dream job, they also offer interview preparation and training materials through behavioral and technical interview guides, excel case study situations and free library of articles.

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