About Inside Investment Banking (IIB)

Inside Investment Banking (IIB) – I refer to this website very often. Why?  Because I know them, I mean I know some of the bankers there, who are very enthusiastic in helping students to break into investment banking.  One of the reasons being they’ve walked through the way and know what and where the challenges are.  And they’ve created a comprehensive course from networking to resume writing to interviewing skills needed to start an investment banking career.

If you’ve invested in other courses or ebooks already, you’re probably wondering;

“Why the heck should I buy another course? Do I really need this?  What makes it different to everything else out there?”

There are 4 big things that make it different. And I do want you to know.

Unlike other courses, the IIB course…

(1) Teaches ALL 6 skills you need to break into banking, so you don’t slip up at a crucial stage, e.g. during networking or your summer internship.

If you’re missing just 1 skill, bankers will notice.

(2) Takes you behind the scenes of recruiting and inside the minds of bankers, so you know how to stand out in a sea of 100s of students.

This is the INSIDER info you need to know in order to compete with all those 4.0 GPA students from Harvard.

(3) Shows you how to break in even if you’re from a non-target school OR you’re an international student trying to break into Wall Street or The City.

And IIB also shows you how to land interviews if you lack finance work experience or a business degree (engineering & arts students love this).

This is the #1 thing students love most about the course.

(4) Teaches you how to make bankers like you, so they pass on your resume, invite you to interview early and put in a good word for you during superdays.

(Believe it or not, but likability matters more than smarts when bankers start deciding who to hire)

If this course sounds like it can teach you something you haven’t already learned, then click here to study it risk-free for the next 30 days.

How to compete with all the Ivy League students

If you think that you are less competitive to the Ivy League students, then you need to think again.  By  learning all 6 recruiting skills and knowing exactly what goes on inside bankers minds, plus how to impress them and make them like you, you’ll finally be able to compete with all the Ivy League students with perfect GPAs and insider connections.

So now you know how the course is different, let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll get when you sign up today…

…click here to see exactly what you’ll learn about breaking into banking.