Investment Banking Resume

So you want to write a compelling Investment Banking Resume? This website provides a short cut to help you write your IB resume in the shortest time. I don’t usually encourage quick fix but this website is different. It is backed up by the ibankingresumes blog which I started in March 2007. This website is in fact the essence of my blog. There are tons of resume writing tips, templates, and samples out there. However investment banking resume is a unique type of resume that not a regular professional resume writer is able to help. This was the reason why I set up a blog tailored for young bankers and undergraduates who aim to build an investment banking career.

As a professional IB headhunter, I am not going to tell you general guidelines of resume writing, but things that bankers are actually looking for in the real world of investment banking.

Why Investment Banking?

Monetary rewards. Across the globe, most fresh graduate top earners work for investment banks. How much a young investment banker can make? Well, one of my hedge fund manager candidates made US$4 million at the age of 29.

Working with the smartest people in the world. If you manage to break into a bulge bracket, you will know how this feeling is like.

How senior can a young investment banker be? Well, Anthony Clake became the partner of Marshall Wace, a UK hedge fund, at the age of 25. While you admire Wall Street CEOs receiving fat pay checks, there are young bankers making huge income silently and of course taking less responsibilities comparing to a CEO. Do you want to be a successful young investment banker? If so, go through this website and craft your compelling investment banking resume as quickly as you can.